With only a few remaining matches this 13 – 1 season is coming to a close. This is one of the best boy's teams I have coach since taking the coaching job here at IH. It is only appropriate to single out a few of the boys who have played on the team the last two years and are graduating to the high school.

While the boys and girls Varsity tennis gets all the attention and awards, it is the 7th and 8th graders beating balls down at Stephan Field that are priming the pump. The middle school program has been winning big the last few years and winning against all the big programs that are out there. There is nothing more satisfying than watching these boys and girls continue to help keep IH one of the best tennis programs in the city year after year.

 At the time of this writing the IHMS boys tennis squad has already ripped off 9 victories in pursuit of "Best in the City". This team has it all....SPEED, DEPTH, and EXPERIENCE. In singles it’s 1st singles Tejas Pisati, 2nd Coleman Warstler, and 3rd Jasper Bennett.

At 1st doubles we have a lot experience with Ben Kruse and Jai Masterzo. Second Doubles is kind of a work in process with steady Danny Forte, Yaseen Mousa and Sam Rhode. Our reserve guys of Warren Zahn, Andrew Bond, Sten Lu, and Simon Lococo are chomping on the bit for more matches and more competition .

2017 MS Boys Tennis Photo Album

2017 MS Boys Tennis Team Photos